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Sonal Keay is a London based direct access barrister who was called to the bar in 2006. Sonal specialises in road traffic law Read More.

driving defence barristerWe built the new website for Sonal in 2015.

The new website is fully mobile responsive, meaning that the layout of the site will change automatically so that it can be viewed easily on smart phones, tablets and full screen PC’s or laptops. This ensures that all prospective clients coming to the website can easily view the content.

The site has a built in search facility. It has links to Sonal’s twitter account and an RSS feed.

It has a really easy to manage built in blog and social network sharing buttons on each page so that clients visiting the the website can help promote Sonal’s Defence services by sharing links on their own social network accounts.

Sonal’s website has a very easy to use content management system which means Sonal can simply edit the content of the site, add news about recent cases, edit page text etc, this can be done from her smart phone or computer from anywhere with an internet connection meaning she can keep her clients up to date while on the move.

Sonal’s website has been optimised for her chosen search terms and appears on the first page of google for results such as ‘driving defence barrister.’

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