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Jasvir Mann is a former solicitor of 11 years plus standing who transferred to the Bar in 2001. Jas practices in all areas of criminal law. Read More.

Jas Mann BarristerWe built the new website for Jas Mann at the end of 2014.

The new website has a mobile responsive layout, meaning that the layout of the site adjusts automatically whether it is being viewed on a smart phone, tablet or full screen PC or laptop. This ensures that 100% of the visitors to the website can engage with the website content.

Mobile responsive web design is an essential way of ensuring your website visitors can view the content of your website no mater what types of device they use to browse the internet.

The website has a built in blog and social network sharing buttons on each page so that visitors to the website can help promote Jas’s Direct Access services by sharing links on their own social network accounts.

Jas’s website also has a built in, very easy to use content management system which allows Jas to make regular changes to the page content and to post news and information whenever he wants to.

Jas’s website has been optimised for local search results and shows on the first page of google for search terms such as ‘Direct Access Barrister West Midlands.’

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